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Financial management in buy-to-let investments is instrumental in assessing whether your property will generate a profit. More often than not, new investors are nervous about the return they will be getting and whether it will be enough to cover their costs.

An accounting agency specialising in properties is essential to clear any confusion and provide a clear picture of an investor’s financial health. Not only will they calculate return on investments, form a limited company, manage taxes, etc., but they will also assist in deciding whether to take out a mortgage or go cash. Here is where Galaxy Financial, our in-house accounting agency, comes in.

What is Galaxy Financials?

Our directors decided to set up this new wing of Galaxy of Homes to eliminate the need for external accounting services for our clients. Operated by a fine team of highly skilled property accounting experts, Galaxy Financials makes your life easy by incorporating our stand-out knowledge about UK financial regulations into your investment journey. Formed in 2020, Galaxy Financials was the last piece of the puzzle.

How we help?

When stepping out to invest in buy-to-let properties in the UK, most investors aren’t sure whether to purchase the property in their name or create a limited company and then buy in the company’s name. We provide optimal suggestions in such cases to allow our clients to reap as many benefits from their investments. Since we maintain a common database for our clientele, we don’t require our clients to provide documents for accounting purposes.


We have a wide range of clients comprising both new and seasoned investors. Our bookkeeping service keeps track of our clients’ buy-to-let properties while recording every financial transaction, whether rental income, property maintenance, taxes, etc. Each record is meticulously compiled and uploaded to a secure cloud database accessible only by authorised personnel from the Galaxy group and the clients themselves.

What is Return on Investment?

People put their hard-earned money into buying investment properties to generate income and increase their wealth. Some aim at making money through rental income, while others are more fixated on the long-term increase in the value of a property. So, it makes sense that every investor would want to know how their investment assets are performing. One key measurement that highlights this is the return on investment (ROI).

Return on Investment Calculations

Return on investment is the amount that measures the profit as a percentage against the total purchase price of that particular investment.
ROI provides investors with the necessary insights into that investment. Galaxy Financials is well-suited to provide an accurate and transparent ROI figure, so you are always on top of your investments.

How ROI is calculated:

Galaxy Of Homes Services in Buy To Let Property Investment


Galaxy Financials provides comprehensive financial management services tailored specifically for investors in buy-to-let properties in the UK.

Galaxy Financials offers a wide range of services like investment structuring advice, meticulous bookkeeping, accurate ROI calculations, and comprehensive accounting and taxation assistance.

Galaxy Financials provides optimal suggestions based on each client's unique circumstances, considering taxes, liability, and financial management implications.

The bookkeeping service tracks all financial transactions related to buy-to-let properties, including rental income, property maintenance expenses, taxes, and other relevant financial data.

ROI calculations measure the profitability of an investment relative to its total cost, providing investors with insights into the performance of their investment properties. Galaxy Financials specialises in providing accurate and transparent ROI figures to help clients make informed decisions.

In addition to investment structuring and ROI calculations, Galaxy Financials offers a full range of accounting and taxation services tailored to meet each client's specific needs. This includes assistance with limited company formation, tax planning, compliance, and other financial matters related to buy-to-let investments.

Client financial records are stored securely in a cloud database accessible only by authorised personnel and clients. This ensures transparency and accuracy in financial reporting while maintaining strict confidentiality and data protection measures.