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Discover the path to financial freedom through Property Investment.
Why property? It’s the ultimate business vehicle. Now is the prime time to invest with the proper knowledge and connections.

Curious about property investments? Learn the ropes, understand deals, and explore the power of leveraging. Regardless of your background, kickstart your investment journey this year.

Join Galaxy of Homes’ webinar on Saturday 08th June 2024, at 13:00 UK Time. Gain insights into the mindset of successful investors, leverage debt effectively, and learn firsthand techniques for building a property portfolio in today’s economy.

Don’t miss out; register now for limited spaces. Uncover the true potential of property investment. See you there!

Vikash and Madhurita Jayaswal founded Galaxy of Homes to provide an alternative to traditional property investment. They started their entrepreneurial journey after their successful careers in the financial services industry. Having grown up surrounded by poverty in Kolkata, they were heavily driven by a desire for self-reliance. They arrived in the UK in 2005 with just £2,500 in their pockets.

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    A Journey from Simple Ground to Meteoric Rise in the Property Market

    Galaxy Of Homes Services in Buy To Let Property Investment


    The benefits of attending the Webinar are:

    • You come to know about the buy-to-let market in the UK
    • You come to know about how to approach buy to let investment
    • You get to know everything about our company before establishing a relationship with us

    We generate Webinar links and circulate the message on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, our website, etc. You can register by clicking on this link and filling out your basic details on the event ticketing website (Eventbrite).

    The Webinar is typically 3 hours long and includes a Q&A session which helps you answer all your questions.

    Our Webinar is structured in a way that most of your queries will be resolved. However, if you still have any doubts, we have an extensive Q&A session at the end of the Webinar where your queries will be answered. 

    Our founders, Mr Vikash Jayaswal, and Mrs Madhurita Jayaswal, host all the Webinars. Their kids, Vivaan, and Tarannum are also actively involved during the presentation.

    Yes, you can do that, but we suggest that you attend the entire Webinar. Otherwise, there will be no point in getting half-baked knowledge.

    After you have attended the Webinar, our team will send you a Welcome Pack containing useful information detailing every step of our process. You will be added to our WhatsApp broadcast channel, where we regularly send our latest deals.