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The UK property investment market is an attractive destination not only for its residents but for overseas investors as well. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting, with proper investment guidance, little can go wrong while investing in the UK.

Foreign investors prefer buy-to-let investments as the growth and rental income are much higher. On top of that, the UK laws and policies are welcoming, which makes it easier for foreigners to invest here. Our business model is helping the UK economy by attracting foreign investments.

What we provide

At the Galaxy Group, we have a range of investment opportunities for foreign investors. Buying investment property in the UK is not restricted to UK citizens or nationals, and we can offer overseas investors the expertise and support to make the best investment choice. We cater to an international client base and can provide the perfect solutions for overseas property investment in the UK.

Invest with us

Starting from our webinar to the sale of your property, we offer guidance and assistance to help international investors navigate the UK property investment terrain.
Galaxy of Homes will support you every step of the way. With complete accountability and transparency, we have facilitated the purchase of more than 800 investment properties for our clients.

Thorough Support

Galaxy of Homes will provide constant support in every step of your investment process.

Valuable Properties

We have a large catalogue of properties that have the potential for high rental income and capital growth.

Professional Guide

Galaxy of Homes has a team of highly trained professionals best suited to guide both old and new investors.

Streamlined Communications

We are experts at eliminating unnecessary client interactions thus letting you stay at ease.

Cloud Security

Whatever data we acquire from clients goes straight into our highly secure cloud database hence protecting your privacy.

Blanket of Services

Our array of services will help you get rid of communicating with letting agents, insurance, mortgage advisors, accountants, etc.

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